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Canis Minor Constellation **SECONDS** Enamel Pin

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~ ~ Description ~ ~

A 65mm/2.55 inch long SECONDS hard enamel pin of the Canis Minor Constellation, featuring glitter detailing.

In greek Mythology, Canis Minor was associated with the Teumessian Fox (or Cadmean vixen) - A huge fox fated never to be caught. Amphitryon set Laeplas (Canis Major) upon the Teumessian Fox, and due to their opposing fates, they were caught in an endless paradox. When Zeus was faced with this paradox, he turned them to stone and cast them into the stars.

Finish - Gold
Size - 2.55 inches tall
3 Rubber Back Clasps 

~ ~ Grading ~ ~ 

Please see my grading page for more information on how I grade pins between standards and seconds, and what that means :)

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